Monday, September 6, 2021

What Do You Expect?

 By Andrea Merrell


We expect our fill of good things in your house,

your heavenly manse. 

Psalm 65:5 MSG


Are you expecting? No, this has nothing to do with being pregnant.


When guests are coming for dinner, we say we’re expecting company. If the check is (truly) in the mail, we fully expect it to arrive. We expect the sun to rise, the car to start, and the light to come on when we flip the switch.


But what do we expect from God? Harsh judgement? A deaf ear? Unfair treatment? Or maybe nothing at all.


The Bible is full of God’s promises, and the way we appropriate those promises is by believing them. Using our faith. In other words, we expect God to keep His Word.


When we make a promise to a child, that child counts on us to keep it. In the same way, we—as God’s children—can count on Him to keep His. It’s a matter of faith. And hope. And trust.


So, what are you expecting?


(Photo courtesy of and David Castillo Dominici.)



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