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Making sure your manuscripts are as 

clean and professional as possible

Andrea Merrell thrives on using her expertise to help writers become the best they can be. She encourages and mentors those seeking to learn the trade and sharpen their skills. She would love to help you get your manuscript ready for submission.

Initial Critique/Edit – $30.00

An overall critique and sample edit of your first five unedited pages and a short synopsis (or back-cover copy). This will help both author and editor have a better understanding of the material and the type of editing that will be required.

Proofreading/Copyediting – $30 per hour

Correction of basic errors in PUGS: punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling, along with formatting and consistency.

Substantive Editing – $40 per hour

A thorough line-by-line edit of your work. This includes checking for the items mentioned above, along with: content, flow, hooks, writing tight, showing-not-telling, and problems with plot, point of view, characterization, and dialogue. This will include any rewriting that needs to be done, and the editor will work closely with the author, using comments and track changes. Industry standard references include CMOS (Chicago Manual of Style), CWMS (Christian Writer's Manual of Style), and Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. BibleGateway.com will be used to verify Scripture references.

Mentoring – $40 per hour

If you are just starting out as a writer and need to learn some basics, or you are struggling in a particular area, this mentoring process will help you hone your skills and polish your prose. We can cover things like: basics of writing, formatting, learning the lingo, or writing a devotion, article, or story.

Blog Posts/Columns – $8-10 per post
If you are a blogger or columnist, allow me to help you get your projects ready for publication.

I would love to work with you and help you on your writing journey. You may contact me at 
andreamerrell7 @ gmail (dot) com and include “Editing Services” in the subject line or use the form on the home page of this site.


Writing Credits
MarriageMake It or Break It ( LPC Books) Author
Praying for the Prodigal (LPC Books) Author
More Christmas Moments (contributing author)
Stupid Moments (contributing author)
Moments with Billy Graham (contributing author)

Staff Writer for www.ChristianDevotions.us
Contributing Writer for www.DevoKids.com
Contributor for The Write Life 
Contributor for CBN.com

Editing Experience
Professional freelance editor 
Associate editor for Christian Devotions Ministries
Associate editor for LPC Books/Iron Stream Media 
Copy Editor for www.DevoKids.com
Copy Editor for Spirit & Heart: A Devotional Journey
Copy Editor for Faith & Finances: In God We trust
Novels, newsletters, and various non-fiction projects 
Editor, Pan Am Bank Notes (Newsletter)

Books Edited by Andrea Merrell (LPC Books)
Available on Amazon (click the link)

Hope for the Hollow - Jena Morrow
One Size Fits All - Michele Howe
Sick and Tired - Kimberly Rae
God, Me, and Sweet Iced Tea - Rose Chandler Johnson
Partly Cloudy with Scattered Worries - Kathy Collard Miller
God's Provision in Tough Times - Cynthia Howerter & LaTan Murphy, award-winning authors - Selah Awards Finalist 2014 (Publishing House Editor)
Becalmed - Normandie Fischer
Atonement for Emily Adams - Susan Lawrence
Chasing the Butterfly - Jayme Mansfield (This book was a top ten finalist in the Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novelist competition in 2011, received the 2015 Christian Small Publisher Book of the Year for Historical Fiction, the 2015 Inspirational Readers Choice Award for Women’s Fiction, and the 2016 Enduring Light, Bronze Medal Illumination Book Award for Christian Fiction.)
Rush - Jayme Mansfield 
Crashing Into Love - Yvonne Lehman
Damn Shame - Pastor Curtis Tucker
Penned Without Ink - Sarah Lynn Phillips
Reflections of the Creator in Us - Brenda Hendricks 
Her Deadly Reunion - Beth Ann Ziarnik
Changing Zip Codes - Carol Stratton
When You Come Home - Nancy Cavin Pitts

Other Books Edited by Andrea Merrell/Available on Amazon (just click the link)

21 Ts to Transformation - Gene Burgess
Six Steps Forward - Alan and Eric Hoffler
Click Power - Meredith Oliver
The Money Gospel Revolution - Dr. Azza Okorie Azza
True Song - Carole Walters
Girdle Support - Kim Hardy
Through a Shattered Image - Linda Widrick
Power Over Satan - Elva Cobb Martin
Weathering Storms - Dr. Temitope Keku
The Overflow Blessing - Andre Bright
Vessels of Honor - Andre Bright
White as Snow - Gail DiMarco
God's Secret Place - Nate Stevens

Andrea has edited many other excellent, well-written books that have not yet been published.

Professional Organizations

Greenville Christian Writers Group

The Christian Writer's Den

The Christian PEN: Proofreaders and Editors Network

ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers)

ACFW-SC - Founding Member

Professional Conferences
Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference 
     2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference
          2017 (Faculty)
Christian Writer's Den Retreat 2009
Kentucky Christian Writers Conference 2010, 2011, 2013 (Faculty)
Write2Ignite 2010
Write2Ignite 2014, 2015, 2017 (Faculty)
Writers Boot Camp 2009, 2010 
Asheville Christian Writers Conference (formerly Writers Boot Camp) 2011-2023 (Faculty)
CLASS Christian Writers Conference 2012 (Faculty)
Carolina Christian Writers Conference 2013 (Faculty)
Atlanta Christian Writers Conference 2016 (Faculty)
ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) 2018


"I enthusiastically recommend Andrea Merrell for your editing needs. I’ve hired her for several of my own projects, including book proposals and one complete book manuscript. Her work consistently reflects talent, patience, insight, and kindness. I’ll use her again and encourage you to do the same."

~ Dr. Rhett H. Wilson, Sr. 

Ghostwriter/Freelance Writer/Coach


"Andrea has worked with me on several manuscripts. I found her to be knowledgeable, responsive, collaborative, easy to work with, and a great partner in the effort. Thank you, Andrea, for your editing expertise and encouragement. I appreciate and value your literary investment in me and my books!"

~Nate Stevens, author of Deck Time with Jesus, 

God’s Secret Placeand Accelerate Your Destiny

"The editing was superb. I didn't make any notes, which almost never happens with me. So, either there were no errors, or I was too caught up in the story to mark them. Either way, well done." 
~Posted by Kristi Cramer at Bounded in a Nutshell on Becalmed by Normandie Fischer. 

"Andrea is an expert craftsman with words and the nuts and bolts of grammar, sentence structure, and conventions of writing. I learned a tremendous amount through the process that I’ve applied to new manuscripts —to me, that alone is the mark of a talented editor when her efforts translate to other works. As a first-time novelist, Andrea made me feel worthy of her time. Her documentation was detailed, clear, and spot-on. In areas that needed discussion, we spoke often, and together made the best choices for the book’s success. She is a skilled people person and values relationships—her investment in the manuscript and author are evident." 

~ Jayme Mansfield, 
author of Chasing the Butterfly and Rush

"Andrea has been a great friend and mentor as I've begun contract editing. Her experience and skill set have been invaluable tools." 
~Betty Hassler, author and editor

“With the eagle eyes of a copy editor and the heart of a writer, Andrea Merrell finds not only the most obscure typos, but also awkward passages and missing gaps that need to be reworked. Her professional manner and encouraging feedback offer much help to the writer. She is a joy to work with.”  
~ Carol Stratton, author of Changing Zip Codes 
and Lake Surrender

"Andrea Merrell did a wonderful job editing my book this past summer. I was up against a self-imposed deadline, and she came through for me, finishing the job in record time. What I remember with fondness was how enjoyable our working relationship was, whether communicating by email or by phone (loved her southern accent!). She also assisted me with some last-minute changes and edits as well, helping to bring the book's completion to the perfect end. She was a joy to work with. I hope to meet Andrea some day and sit down with her for a heart-to-heart chat!"  
– Nancy Cavin Pitts, 
author of When You Come Home

"Andrea Merrell is the 'Queen of Commas!' Her sharp eye catches the smallest detail. When I was on a strict deadline, "Andrea devoted a full weekend to me, editing, double-checking POV, and keeping my thoughts in line. By deadline time, I had a perfectly edited manuscript. She is faithful, fast, and fantastic. I trust my work into her capable hands.” 
~ Cindy Sproles, author of Mercy's Rain and Liar's Winter;  editor, Christian Devotions Ministries

"Andrea Merrell wears the many hats of editor, writer, and author, so she knows how to speak a writer's language and gently suggest, advise, and coach authors to bring out the message of their heart. Am I ever grateful that she took my manuscript and skillfully coaxed my sometimes awkward phrases into coherent, catchy, and smooth sentences. Working with Andrea is a delight and a privilege, but you won't experience it for yourself until you partner with her on your next project." 
~ Michele Howe, author, reviewer, columnist


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