Monday, May 10, 2021

Don't Be Deceived

 By Andrea Merrell


 Who then would dare to accuse those whom God has chosen in love to be his? God himself is the judge who has issued his final verdict over them—“Not guilty!

Romans 8:33 TPT


I once read a story about a man who loved to play practical jokes on other employees, especially the new ones. He would lean in and whisper, “They know what you did.”


Can you imagine the anxious reactions? Put yourself in their shoes. Oh my goodness, what did I do? What do they know? Am I in trouble? Will they forgive me? 


Actually, you’re already in their shoes because that’s exactly how the Enemy works. He whispers, “God knows what you did. You’re in big trouble. And this time He won’t forgive you, so don’t even bother.” Until we learn to close our ears and heart to him, he will continue to hurl accusations our way. 

But don't be deceived. The Devil is a liar who has zero power and authority. Revelation 12:10 says, For the accuser of our brothers and sisters, who relentlessly accused them day and night before our God, has now been cast out once and for all! (TPT)


We are overcomers through the blood of Jesus Christ and the word of our testimony. We are redeemed. Forgiven. Clothed in His righteousness. Set free from guilt and condemnation. His final verdict is “not guilty.” 

Don't listen to the lies, and don't be deceived. God's truth always trumps everything else. Period.


(Photo courtesy of and Markus Winkler.)


Don't listen to the lies of the Enemy, and don't be deceived. God's truth always trumps everything else. Period. via @AndreaMerrell (Click to tweet.)

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