Monday, December 9, 2019

What's the Point?

By Andrea Merrell

I always thought when I got to a certain age my life would slow down. Seems that thought was a fantasy. My husband asked me recently if I had any concept whatsoever of the word retirement. Obviously not. In this season of my life, things should be different. Yet the busyness never stops, and I keep trying to tackle each day as I always have.

When life gets crazy, we can find ourselves running in circles and not accomplishing much at all—like a dog chasing his tail or a hamster in a wheel. So many demands. Do this. Do that. Go here. Go there. Hurry up. Don’t be late.

So many tasks scream at us for attention. It’s the tyranny of the urgent. The squeaky wheel that threatens to stop working if we don’t take care of it immediately.

Life is busy. That’s a fact. And it’s demanding—no matter your age or season of life. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself, What’s the point? We go about our days as if the world will stop or tilt on its axis if we don’t finish this-or-that task. Be on time for appointments. Make that phone call. Pay that bill. Clean the house. Do the laundry. Cook that meal. Meet that deadline …

We get so caught up pursuing production that we forget to pursue presence—the presence of God in our day. A moment-by-moment awareness that He is with us, loves us passionately, and wants to help us with every single thing we face, no matter how small it may seem.

Spending our days just chasing dreams for a better life and meeting demands will leave us feeling empty and incomplete, especially at this busy holiday season.

So, what’s the answer? Jesus. Pursue Him. Pursue His presence. Presence trumps production every time. Make your days about Him instead of your to-do list.

That’s the point.

(Photo courtesy of and winnond.)


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