Monday, December 16, 2019

Learn from Your Mistakes

By Andrea Merrell

The little boy sat quietly in the corner waiting for the timer to go off so he could get back to his toys.

When the buzzer sounded, his mom asked, “Did you learn anything today?”

“Yep … I mean ... yes ma’am.”


“If I hit my sister again, I get to come back to the corner and get away from her.”

They say wisdom comes with age and experience, but how many people are well up in years and don’t seem to possess the wisdom of the ages? Just getting older doesn’t make us smarter. We learn by taking our experiences—our disappointments, mistakes, failures, missteps, and faux pas—examining them, and finding out what not to do or how to do it better next time.

One writer says, “To keep from making the same mistake over and over, you must stop and examine the process that led to it.”

Always remain open and teachable. Learn from your mistakes.

(Photo courtesy of and solargaria.)


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  1. soo so true. but especially hard when it was nothing you dd but what others did to can forgive, when you at least know why they did it, hoping that you will look through their eyes and try to see what their perception might be. the pain comes when you know they are intelligent people and caring people and yet the devastated you with decisions that they knew would break you and couldn't care less .this is the time you must go to the only one who does care.
    Christ. He does want you to be open and teachable even when others tore you down and broke your spirit, He will still give you hope . not in people but in him who is not capable of tearing you down. only we can let others do that or do it to ourselves. Christ has better plans ...Jeremiah 29:11 Lets always (even win trauma hits) run to him with a teachable heart.
    Grammie B