Monday, October 21, 2019

The Bad Temper Club

By Andrea Merrell

The Bad Temper Club. I used to be a member. Actually, for many years I was the president and CEO. I finally cancelled my membership and moved on, but on occasion, I find myself wandering back inside the clubhouse to let my anger fly.

Even though there is a time and place for righteous anger, for the most part this emotion is a destructive force. It can end friendships, tear families apart, wreck our health, and destroy just about everything it touches. The Bible calls it foolish (Proverbs 14:17, 29).

Listen to what others have to say:

  • When your temper gets the best of you, it reveals the worst of you. Instead of solving the problem, anger only makes it worse. ~Bob Gass

  • Take this remark from Richard poor and lame: whate’er’s begun in anger ends in shame. ~Ben Franklin from Poor Richards Almanac

  • People who fly into a rage seldom make a good landing. ~Will Rogers

Most of the time, our bad temper stems from selfishness, impatience, hurt, fatigue, or frustration. But when we give someone the power to make us angry, we are at their mercy.  I’ve learned the hard way that my anger solves nothing. It only serves to make me feel foolish and guilty while I make others uncomfortable or push them away.

Bob Gass says, “Not everything is worth getting angry about. The more calmly you see a situation, the more clearly you see how to handle it. That’s why we have to choose our battles wisely."

If you’re a member of the Bad Temper Club, cancel your membership immediately. Bid it goodbye and get outta town. You’ll be glad you did … and so will everyone else.

(Photo courtesy of and saphatthachat.)


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