Monday, October 26, 2020

In Thy Hands

This week's devotion is by author Callie Daruk. Be sure to check out her new devotional, What Does God Want You to do Before You Die? I highly recommend it. It will give you a whole new perspective on a difficult subject.

By Callie Daruk

My times are in thy hand. Psalm 31:15 KJV

“If he dies, Lord, I will still love you.”

While sitting in the NICU waiting room, I’d settled this and spoke it softly to God in my heart as I awaited news of my deathly ill son’s condition. My husband sat next to me, and we drew strength from the warmth of our hands clasped as tight as our lips. The pain in our eyes spoke what our words couldn’t. I was unprepared to face the death of my son but in that moment, deep down, I knew no matter how hard the physicians worked on my son, his times didn’t lie in their hands.

Following a touch-and-go emergency surgery (and twelve more that followed), to the relief of my heart, the proclamation I’d uttered before the Lord was not tried. The glaring reality, however, is that it could be at any moment. It is a terrifying thought but one vital to come to terms with. Charles Spurgeon so beautifully stated, “Let us learn to hold loosely our dearest friends. Let us love them, but let us always learn to love them as dying things.” As I read his profound words, I think differently as I look into the eyes of my loved ones.

Love deeply – hold loosely.

Whether the skill of a brilliant surgeon or the tightest grasp of a mother, time remains in God’s hands. In His master plan, the time will come when time will be no more. Rather than holding loosely, we will be free both to love and to hold without fear of loss.

Whatever pain or loss you may have experienced here, take heart. With hands wide open may we surrender our own times and the times of those we hold most dear to the One whose grasp will never slip.


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Callie Daruk is an award-winning author and speaker who encourages others to seek Christ with their whole heart. Her new devotional, What Does God Want You to do Before You Die, released October 6, 2020 with CrossLink Publishing. Callie serves as the Chapter President of Word Weavers Int., Robertson County. Her writing has appeared in Guideposts, The Upper Room, Focus on the Family, Kids Clubhouse, Charisma, Just 18 Summers and Nashville Christian Voice magazines. Connect with her on social media and at


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