Sunday, August 16, 2020

Beware of Division

By Andrea Merrell

If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. 
And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. 
Mark 3:24-25

Division is not simply a skill we learn in school; it’s something that can adversely affect every part of our lives.

To better understand, let’s look at some of the words that explain division:
  • The action of separating into two parts.
  • The process of being separated.
  • Disagreement between two or more groups.
  • Breakup.
  • Disunity.
  • Conflict.
  • Discord.
  • Split.
In these trying times, we can find much to worry about. The Greek word for worry means to “divide the mind.” One writer says it “splits you right down the middle.” When something splits, it loses its stability. The Bible tells us when something is divided, it falls.

When we fall prey to doubt and worry, we become double-minded (James 1:8), meaning our mind is divided. This causes us to be unstable in everything we say and do as we focus on the negative and obsess over every problem instead of trusting the Lord. We lose our joy, and we lose our peace.

Coming together in unity—as one in spirit—brings abundant blessings. Jesus said, If two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven (Matthew 18:19 NIV).

Do the math … but beware of division.

(Photo courtesy of and Sira Anamwong.)


Beware of division. A house divided against itself will surely fall. via @AndreaMerrell (Click to tweet.)

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