Monday, May 11, 2020

Halftime Is Almost Over

By Andrea Merrell

In sports, halftime is meant for rest. It also gives the players and the coach time to evaluate the game and make adjustments in their strategies as they move forward.

In life, we also need a time of rest. A time to step away from the norm and evaluate what’s important. To get our priorities in order. To get advice and guidance from our Coach.

Because of our busy, hectic lifestyles, COVID-19 has forced us into our own halftime. After weeks of isolation, social distancing, a shortage of toilet paper, and sanitizing everything we own, the game of life is about to begin again. Businesses will reopen. People will go back to work. Families will reunite. Children will be able to spend time with their friends.

While some players are on the edge of the bench, anxiously waiting to jump back into business as usual, others are nervous and even fearful about what the future holds. One thing is for certain: we will enter a new normal.

Wherever you might fall on that spectrum, the question is this: What have you gained from your downtime? Have you rested? Have your priorities changed? What lessons have you learned? Will you do things differently as you move forward?

The most important question is: Have you spent time with the Coach? The One who knows the end from the beginning and everything in between. The One who is trustworthy, who provides and protects. The One who tells you how to win.

Yes, halftime is almost over. How will you play the rest of the game?

(Photo courtesy of and Digitalart.)


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