Monday, March 2, 2020

Spiritual Spanx

By Andrea Merrell

“We wear our spiritual Spanx to church,” the speaker said. “It’s easy for us to keep it altogether for an hour and a half while we’re at church.”

Everyone laughed, but his point hit the mark. We tend to stuff all our junk inside a tidy, well-put-together facade on Sundays. Some call it putting on our church mask. We’re so afraid to be transparent. To ask for prayer. To “confess our faults one to the other.” We fear that others will ridicule our faults and weaknesses. Shame us for our sin. We believe they’ll look down on us, accuse us, and never see us the same as before. But the speaker went on to say, “We don’t know we’re truly loved until people see us in our mess.”

Isn’t that where Jesus found us … in our mess? The Bible says he lifted us out of the muck and mire and set our feet on a solid rock. He made beauty out of ashes. He took away our filthy rags and gave us His very own robe of righteousness. In Him, we are free. Free of accusation. Free of guilt. Free of condemnation.

Friend, there’s no need to hide. Take off the spiritual Spanx. God has called us out of our former darkness to walk in His glorious light—where nothing is hidden. Where we are loved and accepted.

Ahhh … now doesn’t that feel better?

 (Photo courtesy of and Flare.)


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