Monday, September 23, 2019

The Truth About Grace

By Andrea Merrell

God’s grace. We talk about it. We thank Him for it. But do we really understand it?

We often refer to grace as God’s unmerited (undeserved) favor. Some call it divine assistance. While others deem it as mercy, kindness, or pardon.

While all these attributes are correct, we tend to leave out an important element—God’s power, or the power of God that works in us. When we receive God’s grace, it’s just the beginning. It opens the door. To what? The transforming power of God that is able to deliver us and change our circumstances.

Chris Tiegreen puts it like this:
Many Christians … speak of the grace that covers their brokenness without any expectation of fixing it; of grace that compensates for their wounds without any hope of healing them; of grace that forgives flaws without any sense of recovering from them. In other words, they need grace but deny hope and resist change.
Grace … is not only greater than all your sin; it’s also greater than all your habits and tendencies. It not only covers all your brokenness, wounds, and flaws; it can also heal them. In fact, it insists on healing them, even when you’re afraid of change or reluctant to enter into it. God offers his transforming power to anyone bold enough to accept it. Grace and power flow together. Never seek one without the other.

God’s grace, as the song says, is truly amazing. And it prepares the way for God to set us free by His power. Grace and power … a matched set that can turn your life around and bless you in ways you can’t imagine. That’s a truth you can bank on.

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