Monday, October 22, 2018

Time to Put Away the Toys

By Andrea Merrell

When I was a child, I spoke about childish matters,
for I saw things like a child and reasoned like a child.
But the day came when I matured, 
and I set aside my childish ways.
1 Corinthians 13:11 TPT

When five granddaughters came into my life, I was suddenly surrounded by baby dolls, large-piece-easy-to-put-together puzzles, and an array of other toys created to entertain small children. I purchased a Pack n’ Play and filled a large drawer full of diapers and wipes. There was even a shelf with extra clothes (for each size) … just in case.

Now, all my beautiful girls are getting older. They’re no longer interested in the baby toys. My need for diapers has stopped, and I find myself faced with the task of cleaning out what is no longer used. Will they still use the coloring books? Should I get rid of the dollhouse and furniture? Are the puzzles ever to be used again? It's impossible to know for sure, so I'm having a hard time letting go.

The truth is it’s time to put the toys away. These days, when my girls come to visit, they want to play pool, ride on the golf cart, do flips in the yard, make slime (which Grandma can’t stand), read a book, or watch a movie. They are maturing and setting aside their childish ways.

In the same say, God expects us to mature in our Christian walk and set aside our own childish ways. Once we accept Christ and begin our journey with Him, we can no longer think, speak, or reason as a child.  Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ (Ephesians 4:15 NIV).

Growth and change are not always easy, but God walks us through the process step by step. Even though the memories will remain, getting rid of my girls’ stuff will be hard, but it’s time to put away the toys.

The great news for me is God has now blessed this family with a baby boy. Maybe I’d better hang on to the Pack ‘n Play and a few of the puzzles ... and especially the diapers.

(Photo courtesy of and Stuart Miles.)


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