Monday, July 16, 2018

How To Be a Change Agent

By Andrea Merrell

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and we have to duck before it smacks us in the head and lands us on the ground.

I’ve been in many situations in my life where people have been so difficult, the fight-or-flight instinct kicked in, and I had to make a quick decision.

Circumstances can be hard to deal with in any venue—work, home, social environments, and even in the church. We have no control over circumstances, but we do have control over our actions.

God wants us to be a change agent—someone who shines His light and brings life to all we come in contact with. Here is a prayer from pastor and author Bob Gass that can help us improve every situation we find ourselves in:

Where there is contention, let me be a peacemaker. Where there is deceit, let me speak truth. Where there is despair, let me bring hope. Where there is fear, let me bring faith. Where there is darkness, let me bring light. Where there is sadness, let me bring joy.

Today, make the decision to be a change agent.

(Photo courtesy of and mrpuen.)


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