Sunday, August 8, 2010


This past week I took a nostalgic walk through my childhood memories. This journey was made with my best friend from first grade—someone I had not seen in fifty years. We had lunch together and spent the better part of two hours asking questions, sharing about our life, and reminiscing.

What I remember most about this friend is her red hair, time spent at her house, and watching her use her talents as a child actress at the Greenville Little Theatre. We lost touch after second grade when I moved to Florida. She went on to study acting, spent a year in London, and found herself in New York watching and waiting for that “right” opportunity. That opportunity came and she was privileged to be in a movie with Carol Burnette. As time went on, she made more movies and developed relationships with people like Dennis Quaid, Mia Farrow, and David Carradine. It was fascinating to hear her talk about her years spent in the movie industry.

When I asked what made her stop acting and come back home, she told me that there is a glamorous and exciting side of Hollywood, but there is also a dark, seedy side and lots of very evil people. Thankfully, she never had much contact with the less glamorous side. I told her that it seemed like God had his hand of protection on her. She agreed.

We talked about school, our children, and what we are doing with our lives. As we talked, the years melted away and we were kids again. It was a sweet and refreshing time and we agreed to do it again soon.

It amazes me when God brings people back into our lives, especially when we think that season is over. He always has a reason and a purpose. I am thankful for Amy and her friendship in the early years of my life. She was such a blessing and I’m glad that God saw fit to have our paths cross again at this juncture of our lives.

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Anonymous said...

Memories, they do stir us. Thanks Andrea.