Friday, October 30, 2009

What in the world is a blog?

Not too long ago, the word "blog" was not in my vocabulary and now, here I am creating one. Whodathunkit? Now that blogs and such are firmly ingrained into my psyche, I find there is still much to learn and, thus, the journey begins.

In reality, my journey into the world of writing, proofreading and editing began a little over two years ago when a fellow writer, mentor and friend gave me a swift kick in the hooha and gave me a "to do" list which included: go to a writer's conference; get involved in a local and online writer's group; network with other writers, agents, and editors; take writing courses; and write, write, write. Sound advice from someone who had "been there." I listened and got busy.

Writing has always been a passion and a few years ago that passion was moved from the bottom of my priority list to the top. This happened when someone encouraged me to do so by offering this sage advice; "You're not getting any younger, you know." Another bruise on my hooha, but it got me started. For several years I wrote, stockpiling poetry, devotions, prayers, confessions and fiction. The problem was, I didn't have a clue if my writing was any good or what in the world to do with it. My expectation was, if God wanted me to write and He kept giving me so many words to put on paper, He would have a publisher call me out of the blue and offer me a contract. Not!

Now, with two years of doing things the "right" way under my belt, I see how much time, effort and dollars have to be invested to start moving forward. (Maybe that should be inching forward.) With all my advisors telling me I need a blog or website, I find myself being "kicked" once again. (My poor . . . well, you get the picture.)

The good news is when we "study to show ourselves approved unto God," He rewards our efforts. He has opened doors of opportunity and connected me to many incredibly gifted and talented people who have made this journey sweeter, easier and not quite so threatening. I am thankful for each and every one of them.

So, who's afraid of the big, bad blog? Not me!

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Vonda Skelton said...

Hey Andrea! I'm so proud of you--you did it! Great job on your first blog post. Maybe your hooha will start feeling better now. :-)

Love you!
The Christian Writer's Den