Saturday, December 31, 2016

I Dare You!

By Andrea Merrell

I’m not usually one to issue challenges, but here goes.
A New Year is beginning. What will you do with it? Have you even thought about it? Whether or not you’ve made a list of resolutions—the ones that generally fade away after about four weeks—let me propose a little different slant.

I dare you!

I dare you to take God at His Word. I dare you to believe His promises are true—for YOU! I dare you to make your relationship with Him your first priority. I dare you to spend more time in prayer. I dare you to memorize and meditate on the Scriptures. I dare you to look for ways to bless others. I dare you to give generously—of yourself and your money. I dare you to be joyful and filled with His peace no matter what’s going on in your life. I dare you to walk in the Spirit and to walk in love.

As ChristiansGod's representatives on the earthlet’s  allow His love and light to shine through us as we make 2017 the greatest year ever.

Father, I ask you to bless this coming year in ways I never dreamed possible. I commit to putting you first and seeking your face every single day. Fill me to overflowing with your Holy Spirit and let my life be one that honors you in every way.

(Photo courtesy of Miles.)