Monday, November 7, 2016

Don't Push the Hot Button

By Andrea Merrell

Do all that you can to live in peace with everyone.
Romans 12:18 NLT

I shouldn’t have said it, but it came out anyway. It was one of those statements that pushes every hot button and sets an argument into motion. Once the words were uttered, there was no way to take them back.

When would I ever learn?

Why do we do that … especially when we know how destructive hateful words can be to a relationship?

Marriage, friendships, and family interactions take work. We have to choose to overlook the faults and shortcomings of others, just like we want them to do for us. How? By putting their needs and feelings above our own and avoiding conversations that breed conflict, anger, and resentment.

The Bible instructs us to walk in love, forgive when wronged, and to live in peace with others as much as possible. That’s a tall order, but God will give us the grace we need to follow His Word if we’ll just ask.

And another thing … stay away from those hot buttons.

(Photo courtesy of Miles.)


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