Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pressing On

It seems I’ve adopted a new theme song these days—“The Old Gray Mare Just Ain’t What She Used To Be.” Being in an exercise class with ladies half my age reminds me (in painful ways) how old I really am. (I even attempted a two-hour Zoomba class, which was quite comical.) Climbing stairs at a recent writers’ conference took the wind out of my sails and I reverted to the elevator.

Now my husband has decided it’s time to start riding bicycles with our kids and grandkids. With the first one he bought me, between my short legs and bad back, I couldn’t even get my leg over the bar. So . . . we went shopping again. Without trying out the new bike, we loaded up and headed to a local trail. Five minutes into the ride, I was out of steam and my legs felt like spaghetti.

At this point it would be easy to give up and tell myself I’m too old to keep up with an active family, but that’s not an option. We miss too much and life starts passing us by when we decide to kick back and take it easy.

I’ve learned that the same principle works in my walk with the Lord. If I want to grow strong spiritual muscles and deepen my relationship with God, I have to step-up my prayer life, spend more time in the Word, and live to serve others instead of myself. That which costs us nothing can sometimes hold little value and in this case, the effort is well worth the benefits.

So, maybe I’m not what (or who) I used to be but I’m not yet who I’m going to become. God says our greatest days are ahead and the best is yet to come, and that’s enough to keep me pressing on.