Monday, September 25, 2017

Watch Out for the Curve

By Andrea Merrell

As we prepared to take off, my husband said, “The control tower threw me a curve.” That didn’t sound good to me, and my anxiety began to rise. 

Fortunately, my husband knew exactly what to do. He made a few minor adjustments, and our small airplane took off, heading toward our destination with only a slightly different flight plan.

Life throws curves at us all the time. I’ve learned that the only constant in this world is change. Nothing is set in stone apart from God’s love and His Word. Since change is going to happen whether we like it or not—and whether we’re ready for it or not—the key is in how we handle it.

For someone like me who loves structure and lives by lists and schedules, it’s not easy to go with the flow and be willing to change everything around to accommodate an unwelcome interruption to my perfectly planned day. I’m much better at this than I used to be, but I’m still a work in progress. I’ve learned over the years that sometimes the curve—the abrupt change in timing or destination—is God’s way of protecting us from potential disaster, or redirecting our steps to a brand-new destination and a blessing we would have otherwise missed.

When a baseball player is thrown a curve, he can either duck, try to swing, or let the ball smack him in the head and knock him out of the game. Flexibility is essential in sports and every aspect of life. Maybe we could add something to the list of Beatitudes: “Blessed are those who are flexible and bend with the winds of change, for they shall not break.”

I’m watching out for the curve. Are you?

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