Monday, May 1, 2017

Life is Short ... Don't Waste It

By Andrea Merrell

Death is never easy, no matter the circumstance. But sometimes it makes you stop and evaluate your own life, which can turn out to be a good thing.

My husband and I were going to make a trip to the chiropractor on Good Friday. I suggested making a call first to be sure the office was open. When my husband reached the answering machine and played the message out loud, we were both shocked.

Our chiropractor—who we had been seeing for over twenty years—passed away recently at the age of fifty-eight. He was strong, healthy, and physically active, as far as we knew. He had a heart to help others and was one of the most positive, encouraging people we had ever had the pleasure to know. The loss of this fine man—especially at such a young age—was devastating.

As I prayed for the family, God reminded me that life is short … much too short to be spent bickering, fighting, and not getting along with others. It’s important to make the most of the time we have on this earth to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives, because no one is promised tomorrow.

Knowing God and being part of His family makes life worth the living. He is loving, faithful, and showers us with mercy and grace every single day.

(Photo courtesy of and Graphics Mouse.)


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