Monday, March 6, 2017

God Is Bigger Than My Fears

By Andrea Merrell

Cancer. Radiation. Cyberknife. The very words can cause fear in the bravest heart. And they can definitely cause fear in me.

No one can ever be fully prepared for a bad report from the doctor and a bevy of tests. We all hope for the best, and when it doesn’t happen, we cringe, cry, and question. Then, if we’re smart, we turn it over to God. Bad news might catch us by surprise, but it doesn’t catch God off guard for a second. He knows the end from the beginning … and everything in between.

The Bible is full of “fear nots.” We’re told to trust in the Lord with our whole heart, to be anxious and worried about nothing, and to pray about any and everything. Add to that, people willing to surround you with a warm blanket of prayer when you’re going through a trial, and you have a priceless gift.

Many times, problems appear in our minds as huge, insurmountable mountains, which brings on the fear. But God tells us to speak to that mountain if we want it to move. He is not only ready to calm our fears but to provide whatever we need. He is still a miracle-working God.

My husband just finished five intensive rounds of radiation therapy. Our youngest granddaughter helped him ring the bell. What an awesome day!

I’ve learned over the past few weeks that God is greater than cancer, radiation, and the gigantic, robotic cyberknife. He is our healer, protector, and peace-speaker. He is our strength. And he is way bigger than all our fears.

He is all we will ever need.


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