Monday, November 16, 2015

Check Your Balance

By Andrea Merrell

When my kids were growing up, they thought as long as we had checks in the checkbook, we had money to spend. It didn’t matter to them whether or not we had funds in the bank. The blank checks were the same as cash in their eyes. They were convinced we had a money tree somewhere in the yard, so there was nothing to worry about.

I wonder how many times we look at our heavenly bank account the same way. The Bible tells us to lay up treasure in heaven. We need to make regular deposits if we intend to make regular withdrawals.

So, how do we make those heavenly deposits? By taking God’s Word seriously and doing what it says. If we want to reap a harvest, we must first sow the seed, so let’s make a few deposits.

  • Need a financial blessing? Are you tithing and giving offerings? Are you generous with your money and your possessions? 
  • Do you need a healing? When is the last time you prayed fervently for a sick friend or family member? Are you meditating and confessing Scriptures on healing?
  • Are you running low on peace? Cast your care upon the Lord and learn to be a peacemaker.
  • Do you need a friend? Start by being a friend.
  • Is there a shortage of real love and commitment in your life? Try putting others first and walking in love toward the unlovely and unlovable.
The list could go on and on. It’s a matter of sowing and reaping, a scriptural principle that works in every area. Our daily quiet time with God, spent in fellowship, prayer, and reading His Word, along with the random acts of kindness we do throughout the day, will keep our account full and accessible. God promises to supply our needs, but He expects us to do our part.

The TV commercial says, “So, what’s in your wallet?” My question is, “What’s in your heavenly bank account?”

Have you checked your balance lately?

(Photos courtesy of freedigitalphoto/watiporn/cooldesign.)


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