Monday, August 24, 2015

Pay Attention

By Andrea Merrell

We must pay more careful attention, 
therefore, to what we have heard,
so that we do not drift away.
Hebrews 2:1-2 NIV

Why is it that TV commercial and jingles wedge themselves into our memory banks and are easier to recall than Scripture? Sometimes they get stuck like an old record and replay over and over. One that comes to mind is “Life comes at you fast.”

The problem is I have found that one to be true on many occasions. One such reminder came as I was driving home from the hospital after the birth of my third grandchild. I was following my husband and we were stopped at an intersection. For whatever reason, I found myself watching him instead of the red light. When his brake lights went off and he started pulling forward, I immediately hit the gas.

Big mistake.

My husband stopped.

I plowed into him.

As it turned out, the light had not turned green—which I would have known had I been paying attention. He was simply moving up a little closer. Expecting a lecture about women drivers, I sat still and braced myself as he got out of his car to inspect the damage. What I got instead was a silly grin, a shake of the head, and a look that said, “What in the world were you doing?”

Thankfully, there was no need for police, insurance claims, or a tow truck. No one was seriously hurt (except my pride); however, I left a pretty good reminder on his bumper. What did I learn? Pay attention! What did he learn? Next time, let the wife go first. The worst part for me is his enjoyment in telling this story. Trust me . . . I will never live it down.

I wonder how many problems and situations in life could be avoided by learning to pay closer attention to God’s Word and heed the prompting of the Holy Spirit as He whispers, Go this way. Don’t say that. Forgive them. The writer of Hebrews tells us that we should pay more careful attention to what we have heard. Another version says to give more earnest heed. The Scriptures warn us repeatedly to be aware—to watch and pray. They are filled with direction, instruction, and wisdom for everyday, ordinary life.
                                                                                                          All we have to do is . . . pay attention.

(Photo courtesy of gettyimages and bbmarketing.)


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