Friday, August 19, 2011


Do you have a hard time keeping up with the latest technology? I certainly do, but it seems to me if we don’t keep up with every form of social media available, we get left in the dust.

It took me a while to break away from my PC and buy a laptop. My husband got tired of asking me if I wanted an iPad, and finally bought me one. I rarely have time to go on Facebook or Linkedin and have a hard time keeping up with e-mails from two Yahoo accounts. Add to that, writing, editing, and keeping a blog and website updated.

Now I’m constantly being asked if I tweet. I’ll have to admit—I don’t, but that will probably have to change. In order to do that, my simple little flip phone will have to be traded in for a Blackberry or Smartphone.

Why fight it? It simply is what it is. I have friends who don’t even know how to check an e-mail. They are determined to dig in their heels and go kicking and screaming into the future. Not a great idea in this day and age. We have lots of tools available, but it’s up to us to take the time to make them work for us.

If you are thinking about creating a blog or joining all the other tweeters, I highly recommend a great little resource book by Edie Melson: Social Marketing for Writers: How to Blog, Tweet, & Peep Your Way Onto Amazon’s Best Seller’s List. It’s the best ninety nine cents you will ever spend.

Check it out!