Saturday, January 29, 2011

New Thru 30

I’m embarrassed to say my Christmas decorations just got put away today. It’s January 29th—almost February. They didn’t even come down until the middle of January, then sat piled on my dining room table for over two weeks.

It’s very difficult when we get so busy and focused on other things that we become blinded to the things around us that are begging for our attention. Every month I tell myself things will slow down and I’ll get caught up, but it never seems to happen. Between a full-time job, a part-time career, a house that refuses to clean itself, and three very busy grandchildren, there are numerous things that go undone.

In the midst of a very busy season at work, writers’ conferences, editing, and trying to keep up with my home and family, there is one thing I have made time for. During the month of January, our church has been reading through the New Testament—New Thru 30—a reading plan to read through the scriptures in 30 days. This is something I’ve done many times, but not in a long time. It was refreshing, energizing, and life-changing. God’s Word got me through a very busy time and gave me the strength and wisdom I needed.

My prayer for 2011 is that God will light my path, direct my steps, and take charge of my “to-do” list, and that I will keep Him first in every area of my life.

How about you?