Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I gained another measure of independence. After four weeks of restrictions following eye surgery, I was able to take a shower. What a gift! It might sound silly, but my 3-step process of taking a bath, walking next door to get my hair washed (while wearing a shield to keep my eye from getting wet), then coming back home and removing the shield to wash my face, was tedious.

My restriction of not being able to pick up my granddaughters has also been lifted. I feel like a new woman—almost. Since my driver’s license expired two weeks after the surgery, I have become a passenger until my eye is completely healed and my doctor certifies my ability to drive. Once again, I am dependent on my family and friends.

It’s funny how much we take for granted, especially the ability to do the smallest things for ourselves. We want to do whatever we want, whenever we want and when we lose that ability, it can make us feel useless, helpless, and even hopeless.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve learned that true freedom and independence come when we are totally and completely dependent upon God—dependent upon His love, mercy, and protection—His strength, healing, and deliverance—His wisdom, direction, and provision—dependent upon His rest.

It’s been said that we stand tallest when we’re on our knees. I say the more dependent we are on the Lord, the more independent we are to become all He created us to be.